One of the first projects towards the Branch commemorating the centenary of the fatal crash of two Royal Flying Corps aviators on 6th September 1912 is complete. Over the past few weeks Stone Mason, Roger Overton, has been cleaning and re painting the wording on the monument, and is now completed. The cleaning of the monument is thanks to the cost being covered by County Councillor Keith Emsall, who made the £1,200 available from his local community budget, to whom the Branch is very grateful.
The Branch organised a parade and service that took place at the memorial on Sunday 9th September 2012. The R.A.F. No 3(F) Squadron paraded their colours in respect of the early aviators, and their comrades, as the two men killed, Capt. Hamilton and Lt. Wyness Stuart, were members of Royal Flying Corps No.3 Squadron which was, on the formation of the R.A.F. to become R.A.F. No. 3 Squadron who now operate Typhoons FGR4 out of RAF Coningsby. The current No. 3 Squadron has been celebrating their 100 year birthday this year with many events at their station which included the presentation of a new standard to the Squadron.

Senior Officers from R.A.F. Coningsby also attended the event, together with other R.A.F. Officers, past and present, together with relatives of the aviators and many local dignitaries and veterans.

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The memorial can be seen here.